THC: 170 − 220 mg/g

CBD: 0 − 10 mg/g

PURE SUNFARMS - White Rhino [3x0.5G]

  • Indica 

    17.8% THC

    White Rhino 3x0.5g Pre-Rolls

  • White Rhino single-strain pre-rolls are made with the best parts of the plant -- the whole bud is ground to maximize potency and flavour with every pull. A child of White Widow, Pure Sunfarms' phenotype was selected for its sweet and fruity flavours of blueberries and mangos (myrcene), green grapes (alpha-pinene) and Thai basil (caryophyllene). With hemp paper and a bamboo filter, the sleek and tapered design offers a twisted end, sealing the pre-roll and acting as a convenient wick.