THC: 700 − 800 mg/g

CBD: 0 − 10 mg/g

ORIGINAL STASH OS. KLIK - Blue Dream Distillate [1G]

  • Hybrid

    74% THC

    Blue Dream 1,000 mg Distillate

  • Exclusive to Canada, OS.KLIK is an easy-to-use distillate dosing pen for dabbing and other concentrate uses. The OS.KLIK applicator provides consumers with precision dose control and a mess-free, portable and discreet concentrate experience. Each audible 'click' from the applicator dispenses 25mg of the OS.KLIK Blue Dream, a hybrid cannabis distillate featuring terpenes including myrcene, caryophyllene and humulene. The distillate can be inhaled or ingested and does not contain any additives, diluents, pesticides or heavy metals -- just distillate and terpenes. Each OS.KLIK applicator will dispense approximately 40 KLIKs.