Hot out of the OGEN oven, Freshly Baked #76 finds its roots in the cake family.

OGEN - Freshly Baked #76 [3.5g]

  • Pedro's Sweet Sativa is a proudly Canadian sativa-dominant hybrid with fluffy, trichome-covered buds. Rich in terpenes like beta-caryophyllene and pinene, Pedro's Sweet Sativa smells sweet with undertones of spice. Unique to Color, this culitvar is a genetic cross of Dominican Sativa, White Russian and an unknown indica with very strong THC potency potential. Color Cannabis products are grown in southern Ontario, using state-of-the-art greenhouses with strain-specific nutrient and water regimes to ensure the purity of each plant. Cannabis flower is harvested with care and dried naturally, for optimal flavour and freshness. Our new nitrogen infused pouches lock-in freshness and are 80 per cent less waste than conventional packaging!